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    rose gardener

    This retired newbie is intrigued by off-the-grid living. This is my thoughts so far:

    1. I would like it in a temperate area, no snow and plenty of sun all year around.
    2. Either close to a natural source of water like river or lake; or allowed to tap into aquifer; or have direct access to sea water; (there’r small scale desalt for home).
    3. To be close to medium sized or large city.
    4. Somewhat affordable land.

    Objective is to live in relative comfort with indoor climate control (AC) powered by solar, and well pump also powered by solar. A house about 1800ft2 with all modern electric conveniences, also powered by solar.

    Also to grow vegetable aquaponically, and fruits (Citrus + grape) with well water.  Perhaps some chicken for eggs.  Happy to buy and store grain, nuts, oil, etc., So perhaps not totally off-the-grid.

    Being an Californian, this is what I have come up so far:

    1. Somewhere in SoCal low desert, near Palm Springs. Plenty of sun, 10 acres for $100k or so. Guess I need like 2 acres?
    2. If I could spend $50k for land, $50k for solar, then $150k or so for the home, by California standard, it’s “cheap”.
    3. Water may be the tricky one, plenty of aquifer in Coachelia Valley, even hot springs. But heavily regulated.

    Quite sure that I have missed quite a few things. Thoughts?



    Hi Rose, welcome! You have many wishes here, sounds like some good ideas, personally I don’t think I’d be happy in Cali, but that is an individual choice, I’m sure there are lots of opportunities and land out there.

    Hope you are able to find your dream property :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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