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    I’m Kaile, a 20 something independent lady in Flint, Michigan, feeling the increasingly smothering sensation that I do not feel comfortable in  today’s standard society. For years, I would day dream about drifting back into the woods to provide for myself, with my urges growing every day. While I’m highly adapable and creative, I’ve never had any experience to venturing out into nature on my own. Seeking guidance, education, and some much enjoyed conversation with other people that share my interests, I came here. I hope to make new friends and expand my mind, one day to go off on my own.


    Welcome Kaile, you should be able to find some good info here about living off grid. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, look around and enjoy :)



    hello, my name is justin, i have been dreaming of living a simple life of growing my own food and sustaining myself off the grid for years now. only recently i now have an opportunity to do so.  i am a welder/fitter and am currently working for a solar farm company which has spiked my interest all over again. i am looking for the right kind of land to purchase for sustainable living for a small community. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what i should be looking for? i have big plans to both build my own home, using shipping containers, as well as building other homes for people who are interested. i am not very computer savvy and am not quite sure how to contact the right people to bounce ideas off of.


    Canada is a great place to live. The people (not government agent “persons”) have inalienable rights spelled out in the Magna Carta.  There are of course corporations (municipalities, for ex.) that think they have authority over living flesh and blood men/women who haven’t contracted with them but they do not. Acts, statutes, codes, by-laws, zoning, Agenda 21 crap, etc. ONLY apply to agents (the legal “person”) of the government. There are several people that explain this in more detail. Their videos are posted on youtube. Dean Clifford, Robert Menard, Marc Stevens have great info and explain things nicely. There is also another guy who makes great informative videos such as this one


    Justin, see if you like this video.


    hello Kalie, im north of you a bit about an hour and a half up I75.
    I would be more than willing to help you learn
    email me if interested


    sherpaqueen, meet justin! (LOL)

    The two of you might meet each other’s needs! <3

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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