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    I am thinking of coming up with some kind of markers that I can stick in the ground next to plants and just numbering them 1 to 1000 or so, though I can’t see using more than 100 right now.  I am not doing row gardening but if I did then I guess you might have one maker per row. Row 1 to 20 or whatever. I do square foot and container gardening as such my garden is not organized neatly. I even put different plant types in the same square foot sometimes. If I had something like  flags on a stiff wire. The flags only contain numbers 1 to whatever.   I would place one next to each plant type. Then make notes, as to what I planted, when, results, and yield etc. Might be a good way to go.  Actually if the marker had a top like a button where you could fit a 3 digit number that might be ideal.



    Sounds good, I have never been good about labeling my plants… I just plant them and go from there…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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