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    yes you can make corn tortilas just like the american indians did, it isnt hard
    first you need corn, whole kernel dried on the cob corn, color doesnt matter
    then you need lye, you can rush out and waste your hard earned cash buying it or you can make your own
    to make your own you need the clean ashes from a wood fire, some straw, a couple 5 gallon buckets
    and a wooden trough that you can easily make yourself
    you make 2 “X” shaped legs from some durable wood like ash or oak, make one 2 inches taller than the other
    next take 2 boards, 1″x 10″ (or several narrower pieces) and attach them in the top “V” of you7r legs
    to form a “V” shaped trough
    attach a short board over both ends, the top one to seal it, the lower one with a gap below for drainage
    line this trough with straw several inches deep so it cover the bottom, sides and lower end leaving a hollow center
    fill this hollow with your clean ashes
    now set one bucket bvelow the lower end of the trough and fill the other with clean cool water
    dump the water over the ashes in the trough slowly and let it drain out the lower end into the 2nd bucket
    when the water quits dripping, switch buckets and pour the now filled bucket back over the ashes
    continue doing this until the color stops darkening
    pour your nasty looking ash water into a pan you dont like and heat it up, this dirty water is lye
    DO NOT put your hands or anythig else you want ruined in it and dont splash it on yourself your clothes or anyone else
    shell your corn now and place the kernels in a large iron or steel tub
    once this water is warm, pour the cleanest water from the top into your tub covering your corn
    stir with a large wooden spoon or laundry paddle until the corn starts to gey mushy
    dip out the corn and grind it to a thick pulp
    roll it out into tortila shape and size and allow to dry, then bake until crisp
    bon appetite


    Thanks beast, I really appreciate all the good into you have been adding here. :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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