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    Hi, All, I’m new to the site and forum, and hoping to find some compatible folks that may be looking for a change.  I am using an ancient computer that can’t be updated, so having difficulties with communications, and will keep this short and sweet.  I live off-grid on 211 acres titled property in the remote jungle in Belize, and operate a 2-cottage B&B style eco-lodge.  I initially built it with my husband back in the early ’90s, but after divorcing, have been doing it on my own since 2002.  It’s not easy, as many of you who are doing it well know.

    Right now I’m in need of some “manly” type help… generators, equipment, roofing, etc., all needing repairs and can’t get reliable mechanics/carpenters to come out often enough to keep up with things.  So I’m hoping to find an experienced, perhaps retired but still able-bodied individual or couple, who may want to live on site, build your own “green” type house, and help me look after the mechanical things that need doing.

    I am also happy to share my experience living off-grid in Central America with anyone who is thinking of relocating outside the US.  And if you visit Belize, I can show you what incredible things can be done with raw jungle and a lot of hard work.  If you’d like to see a glimpse, visit  The photo of me is not current. ;-)

    I will be checking for replies on the forum, but due to present energy limitations, not frequently…. if you have more than a casual interest, please send email directly to

    Greatest of luck to you all in the New Year, and may you all find what you are seeking!

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