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    A picture and price would have been nice. This post sounds so much like a sales blurb you might as well give complete information. Very promising but hardly informative regarding the factual details.

    for instance what is the maximum possible flow rate. Will it provide enough hot water for two people to shower consecutively. Once the hot water has been used what is the recovery rate.

    Do I have to mount it on the roof or can I place it nearer ground level to facilitate snow removal and if so, how do I get the hot water up to second story or up higher than the solar collector. The stipulation of no pumps suggest it is gravity driven but the open non pressurized system suggest it is not a simple thermo-syphon either.


    Why the integrative system:

    – Completely passive, no pumps, electrical heating coils or elements

    – Less expensive than split systems (in some cases less than 1/2 the cost)

    – Efficient even on cloudy days

    – Easy installation and operation; cold water in, hot water out

    – Works with either non-pressurized or pressurized water source and can be tied into municipal water supply

    – Rebates; tax rebates from state and federal government can cover over 1/2 the cost in some cases

    – Green, truly a green system that can provide the hot water needs for commercial or residential purposes

    – Pays for itself, even without rebates in less than five years

    – Lifetime expectation of 20+ years

    – 10-15 year product replacement warranty



    Nick Rosen

    Saw one similar in DIY, Mother Earth News years ago..siphon system and I think the cost was 100 buck back when Jesus walked on water, allegedly :)

    Anti grave belt :)invisible wires from Annunaki space craft hovering ” :)

    Heated floors, showers were leisurely..too long ago to be accurate..but i remember being deeply impressed and have plans still in survival file to build it. 160 degrees..must go look again now. Quite heavy too. Will


    Yes, the integrated (tank and solar thermal collector) panel systems are the most simple to set up; we bought about 200 of them. We also got a few containers of just the panels, since most people living close to other people do not like, or are not allowed, to have a water tank on the roof: it looks like a little spacecraft landing there. So we sell the collector panels only, then a little pump that runs off a PV panel to circulate the hot water; it costs more, but looks just like a skylight on the roof.

    Oh, yes-the evacuated tubes keep much more heat that the older generation flat panels, since the vacuum stops any conductive loss. In tropical places, the losses are not so bad, so a flat panel might be OK, but why bother when the evacuated tubes are getting to be the same price? Then again, I am biased, since we only sell evacuated tube systems.

    Prices? Sure, in china you can buy a small system, say 100 liters, for about $250. It is junk; stamped steel frame, biodegradable components that rust apart after a couple of years, plus poor performance. A decent quality system 170 liter, 27 tube, is $1000 retail, then upwards from there, to $4000 for something that looks exactly the same on the outside.

    I made up some do-it-yourself installation manuals, if anyone wants to see pictures of how it works:


    Hi Mate,

    I am very thankful to you that you provided me the requirements of the solar water heater .

    all the customer require these type of equipments which are user friendly in nature and

    easy to use.

    Thanks for the information again

    Solar hot water

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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