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    You can post a picture in a new post or in a reply. You cannot upload pictures or images here, you will need to have it uploaded somewhere else, have a new tab open in your browser with the image you wish to post here. When you start a new post or a reply, be sure you are working in the “text” tab here, not in the “visual” tab.

    1. You must have the URL of the image, it must be uploaded somewhere else on the internet, somewhere that allows hot-linking.

    2. Next you must click on the TEXT tab in the UPPER RIGHT of this text box. This is where most people make a mistake, you cannot do this in the “visual” tab,


    >>>>>>>YOU MUST CLICK ON THE TEXT TAB<<<<<<<

    3. Now copy and paste this entire line into the text box:

    <img src="picturename.jpg"/>

    4. Next, replace the word picturename.jpg with the FULL URL of the image you wish to post, leave the quotesin place, do not remove them.

    For example, I have the image below that I want to post here, I get the full image URL:

    Once the full URL is replacing picturename.jpg, then the whole thing looks like this in the text tab:

    <img src=”; alt=”” width=”635″ height=”476″ />

    The reason there is a width and height in the line is because my image was really big, so I clicked on the visual tab, I grabbed one corner of the image with my mouse, I held the “shift” key to keep the changes on the vertical and horizontal the same and I pulled the corner in until it was a better size, if your image isn’t too big, then you don’t have to worry about doing that.

    If you aren’t in the visual tab already, then click on the “visual” tab in the upper right corner of the text box and you should see your picture.

    Here is what my image looks like:


    Firefox users, you get the image URL by going to the webpage with the image, you rightclick on the image and choose “copy image location”.

    IE users, you get the image URL by rightclicking on the image, choose “properties”, then highlight and copy the URL (web address) line.

    If you are using another browser, you will have to figure out how to copy the URL of an image.



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