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    Hello and good morning/afternoon/ whatever it is to all who’s eyes may read the following. I hope the new year finds you in a good place and that all is well on the homestead.In the next 6 months I am debating on publicly documenting all that i do to setup for my big off grid move. I have found two friends that are chomping at the bit with the idea of an off grid move, and we have begun saving up as well as building our skills. I have hand picked each member of my team. We have decided to go with (4) 26′-32′ trailers,setup “fort” style. (forming a square) on a 1-3 acre plot of land we will buy somewhere in the northern california area. I’m currently looking between Mendocino and Tahoe, all the way over to Chico, out to Shasta. those are my boundary area(s). This in turn establishes a compound type defensible homestead, while also creating an inner area for working in, and containing the canines. Between the Three of us our skill-sets include: CPA, Licensed General contractor, ASE certified mechanic, solar technician,electrician, pool guy,and herbalist, not to mention the gunsmith and canine trainer/handler for the P.D. I have the utmost confidence with my team, However I do know there are always snags that people run into when doing these types of things.


    What im looking for

    *people that know of suitable land ofr this in those areas for a reasonable price.

    *information, lets learn from each other so were all operating at our top potential.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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