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    Hello, I am new here.

    I live in western Finland, on the sea side.

    First I planned to build my own windgenerator, but I decided to test and seek a good one from factory made.

    I have tested 8 windgenerators alltogether now.

    Best result is giving 2kw model from ;

    It has been in my other mast since januari 2009. It has seen 11 storms and Finnish winter. Its running and working good.

    It is a 48v modell, but I have connected it via good big rectifier directly to my 24v NICAD 2000Ah batteries.

    In my other mast I have Bergeys XL1, it is a steady machine, but gives really power only after 8-10m/s winds.

    Exmork gives easily 10-30amps at 5-9m/s.

    Due to my experience I have ordered directly from Exmork factory their 5kw and a new one 2,5kw, models. You can buy 6 units of 2kw Exmork 2kw generators with t´he price of one Bergey !

    They will come here in the end off this month.

    I will share with you my experience about them.

    I have lived “off grid” with these machines since winter -09 and made all my energy, in heavy winds heating too.(I have grid too, but dont need it now.)

    My energy need is 8-12kwh per day.

    All my lights are LED.

    Newly built 115m2 low energy house.

    Looking forward to have an electric car !(dont by anything else before)



    Yoy can read about my wind generator experiences ;



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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