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    I live in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. My husband designed & built a pressurized gas Tesla turbine-permanent magnet generators for me a couple of years ago. This summer we will install it in our DIY backyard solar turbogenerator system.

    For those of you who think the U.P. is just a snowmobiler’s paradise, guess what? We have enough average annual sunlight to compete with many of our southern states. And we plan to use our sun, wind & biomass fire resources – and Ken’s know-how & machine tools – to move off-grid this year.

    We operate an online hands-on workshop so we can teach other people how to make the move off-grid. Ultimately, we are looking for people who want to build a new world based on personal power & freedom from centralized extortion.



    Sounds cool!! Solar powered turbo-generators, I would like to see it in action!

    Good luck!!!



    Clicking on your name yields going to a Phoenix based company with several unwanted cookies put on. Selling a $96 DVD on making the turbo generator that alone costs $500 in materials. Plus the materials to build a solar thermal high pressure water, or other fluid to drive the turbo generator, system.

    I know that making turbines for high speed requires machining and balancing tools, so you would have to get them, too. I wonder about the actual total cost for tools, materials, and the man-hours required, plus if it passes codes, noise level, etc. Why don’t we see such systems for sale, complete, with DIY installation/partial assembly?? You would think that places like Real Goods would carry them.

    Even the DIY DVDs and pamphlets for solar panels can be got at as low as $37. But the main thing with both is the profits are from selling top buck DVDs. I am skeptical of such profiteering flim flams.



    Actually, clicking on my name results in going directly to the New Turbine Workshop site, where we do not collect cookies. And we are located in Michigan, not Phoenix AZ…

    The CD mentioned above contains complete CAD/CAM files & technical drawings for hobbyists, machinists & DIY energy enthusiasts to construct an industrial-quality turbogenerator designed by my husband, Ken Rieli. We have people from several countries currently working on using these plans to build their own 1-kW turbogens – some for solar ORC applications, some prefer steam – using basic machine shop tools (lathe, drill, grinder, mill). They are all enthusiastic, thankful & consider both the CD & the educational experience to be of great value. A few in developing countries are engaging outside local shops to cut parts, etc.

    Total cost for the complete system including solar trough, tracking system, turbogenerator & closed-loop system is expected to be around $1,500 or less. You can’t really compare it to electric-only PV technology because combined heat & power is much more efficient – and this unique type of turbine lasts a lifetime with very little maintenance. – We’re expecting it to be relatively quiet, in the 80 db region since we’re dealing with closed loop turbogenerator systems.

    Finally, you see our efforts as profiteering. Far from it. Those who purchase the CD gain entrance to the NTW & a wealth of engineering know-how based on decades of development work.

    I hope this clears up some misconceptions about the technology & our educational efforts. There’s an FAQ page on our site for more detail.



    Thank you. I understand that I would need to establish a machine shop for DIY.

    That would require another addition or building, and the lathe, drill press, grinder, and mill. Too much for me, but not for those who already have a machine shop.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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