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    We need more than just general discussion. I suggest that at the very least we set up a section in these forums for land. If we structure the section correctly and enforce the rules there it could become an easily searchable database of available land.

    Suggested structure:

    post title: <For sale>/<Want to buy> – <Location> <Acreage>

    Body: <sellers: Description of land>/<buyers: Desired attributes, purpose of use>

    <sellers: Pictures, or links to pictures of land>

    <Desired Price>

    I hope that was clear. Also, a messaging system would be pretty handy in working out details and keeping email addresses confidential.


    Elsin, thanks for your suggestions, they are both good ones, the messaging seems particularly important if people are to make real world contact, which is essential if people are to make real world changes.

    Any other suggestions as to how the forums could serve us all better are more than welcome. This is being run on a very limited budget so suggestions as to how this can be done cheaply are more likely to be implemented, but all are welcome.


    As I have already published my email on this site recruiting people for an East London Off-Grid Practical group and not exactly been swamped Please use my email as a contact arena,

    Email me at peasant(dot)urban(at sign)googlemail(dot)com

    Let me know who you would like to contact, if I receive an email from both people I will put them in contact with each other.

    Hope this helps until a better solution is found.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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