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    I am planning to go completely offgrid as soon as possible. The only questions I have left is how to deal with electricity and where to go in europe best. I have a couple of questions I want to ask you to see what different Options and Solutions in different countries there are. So if you would have a couple of minutes to answer These  that would be really great.

    Which Country/Region are you living in?

    How high is your energy consumption in a year, a month?

    what ios supplying your energy (Generator, pv, wind ect)?

    If you do have a Generator how expensive is the diesel for a Liter in your Country?

    If you use your Generator only sometimes as a backup, how often do you do so?

    What is your heating demand and in which monthts in a year are you using heating?

    And finally how many square meters does your Roof have and in which direction is it pointed at (North, south, west ect)


    Thanks a lot a lot already :)


    Hello Grapefruitmoon,

    It is more important to calculate the power you will use !

    Once you know your power needs, you begin to put together a solar, wind, generator backup system to meet your needs.

    I have absolutely every modern convieniance as living attached to the grid, but ZERO wires connected to me. This is done with planning.

    Use the link below to begin your Power planning !!!!




    I have 1700 W of Solar, no grid connection and no other power generation. The solar controller is a FlexMax 80 by Outback and I have a 2KW true-sine-wave inverter (off brand). I have 20 6V Trojan batteries in a 24V bank. Power use is about 6kWh daily. We run a 220 Liter capacity refrigerator and a 100 L  freezer (both top-loading), 2 0.4 kW electric pumps for potable water pressure (average of 10 minutes daily) and grey-water recirculation (around one hour per day). We have a full size high efficiency front-load washing machine and tumble dryer (propane heated). But mostly we line-dry the clothes. We run two computers – laptop is pretty efficient, but tower computers are energy hogs. All lighting is LED (except for a few rarely-used CCF bulbs). If it stays cloudy for a week, we have to start watching the power use (give up computer use, mostly). But that does not happen much – once each winter?

    The location is tropical (Caribbean) and the roof faces south. We are at latitude 20 North, so we have the panels tilted at a 20 degree angle from horizontal. The roof is hipped (pyramid shape, basically). The plan area is 230 sq. m, one-fourth facing each direction. No heating or cooling required (high ceilings).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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