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    We live for three years now here in Portugal and have build three small wooden guesthouses and a big kitchen. We have our own river, water well, natural spring and borehole. Our terrain is 8 hectares and is isolated in nature, 15 minutes drive from a small city and 30 minutes from the sea. We breed our own pigs. We are at the moment building a bathhouse with the earth bag building technic from Owen Geiger.

    We now come to the conclusion that two persons is not enough for 8 hectares and we are looking for more people who want to live off the grid too. Skills and knowledge we need are permaculture, DIY solar and electricity or just people with good hands and sound minds. We are not a religion or spiritual community or sect and we don’t need those people too. We just want to live free in nature with nature without the interference of the system.

    Projects need to be done in the near future:

    Building rocket stove water heater for heating the houses and hot water.

    Put up the vegetable garden with permaculture technics.

    Expand livestock.

    Building DIY solar panels.

    Restore the old farmhouse.

    Building more houses for newcomers with earth bags.

    Develop and build irrigation system with ram pump.



    We are a married couple. 25&26 one from Europe and one from the US. We would like to speak more about the opportunity to work with you and to help create the community you want to live in. We both are very hard workers and have been researching for the past couple of years about going off grid. I am sure we would both love it in Portugal as we enjoy good weather. Can you please email me so we can speak further?

    Thank you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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