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    Curious if anyone out there is living no just off-grid, but completely electricity free- no generators, no propane, no gas, no solar, no batteries.  Just sunlight and firelight.  What do you find the greatest challenges of living like this are, if any?  Would you give in to any power indulgence if the opportunity arose?  I.e. thinking of getting a generator for a power stove, radio, or something else because it’s desirably easier/more convenient.

    I don’t think my question applies to tools like gas-powered small engines, but more of a round-the-house situation.

    I’m eyeing going powerless but want to know what the biggest complications I may not be foreseeing may be.  Thanks!



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    to the original poster, that is camping out, with its own regulations depending on location.  Usually there are time limits even if you own the property, unless you’ve put in a septic system.  Some experimental Earthships have solar toilets, but need a second system for cold and cloudy days.  Some places would accept a non-electric composting toilet.



    Anyone who IS doing this will not be reading your post on the internet will they?

    I personally would be happy to be without the web if I had some good company. I wouldn’t want to be without light in Winter evenings though. Not being able to read or do craft work, repairs etc in the evenings would be too much like the ‘dark ages’ for me. Candles, oil lamps etc – not a good alternative when solar is so cheap and readily available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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