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    Hi there,

    I am a first time poster but have been gleening info from this site for a while. So first of all, let me start off by saying “Thank You!” to all who have posted questions or answers on this forum as it helps the rest of us to learn.

    I have been accumulating my off grind components for about two years and am very close to installing it and using it. So far, I have 10 ea Evergreen Solar 215 w panels and 2 ea 100w CIGS solar panels. Also, two wind generators, Wind Blue power that can generate about 450 watss ea in steady breeze. I have a 12v to 120v 5000w pure sine inverter (10,000 surge). So I am looking into the charge controller and seem to have hit a unforseen snag.

    I have been planning on going 12V in and 120v out on the system as a whole. Thinking this was a good place for begiiners to be. First, due to the wind generators, there is a roughly 1kw variability in the output due to whether the wind is blowing or not. Secondly, doing the math (My electical knowledge is very limited-but I am trying to learn) Watts divided by volts = Amps. I am seeing that I will be needing a 165Amp charge controller, yet when I look on line those are paired with the largest of systems, which mine is not (yet). Is there a wiring trick to reduce the amps or should I consider 24V in and 120 or 220 out or??? I just don’t think I am operating with all the knowledge I need. Any good ideas out there?



    You had better do some reading up on alternative energy systems. That is a very large amount of power in PV and would require several large charge controllers. The wind generators have their own at their site.

    They would need a large battery bank system(like over 30 L16s or equivalent), and a shunt to heat water with excess power.

    Normally that much power goes to 24 or 48VDC systems. The panels are close enough in peak voltage, but not totally compatible in all ways with some charge controllers. I would give Xantrex a call.



    There are several better choices in companies than Xantrex. In fact a manufacturer is not as good a source as a multi brand distributor for giving advice. Reason they will always attempt own company brand to your situation rather than giving you the best advice then fit a product to the application.

    South west Wind Products is one such example who have given me good advicce in the past. Xantrex has had several turn overs recently wherin their best people went elsewhere like Outback and Magnum. Independent distributors are your best bet for more impartial advice in both wind and solar power applications.



    I agree with elnav. Don’t just depend on one outfit for advice. Real Goods could help. Outback has the best deals on outstanding charge controllers like this one;

    However, I have found that you should oversize your charge controller by 30% or more. So, even though, technically you could get by with two, you would really need three. I had a 30 amp charge control (BZ) that burned out with 18 amps coming in. Luckily I caught it and covered the panels in time to prevent shorts. I replaced it with a C40.



    A lot of Charge controller sites will have a calculator to help you.  I use Midnight Solar Product.  here is there link for there calculator  It will help you know how to string up your panels.  If series, parallel or series/parallel.  With my system of 4 Astronergy 250watt 24volt panels, 4 Surr 6v, 400 Ah S530 (9600wh), MSC 200, Magnum MM-1524AE 1500 watt inv/chr MS, Cotek SK series 1000w 24v P Sine-wave Inverter and the electrical boxes and fuses.   and future add is 2 more panels  I run 2 strings of 2 in parallel to get my voltage and amps up so I should see 32 peak Amps, or about 8% rate on the 400 Amp hour bank. That’s a nice ‘comfortable’ rate. (The array would be about Vmp 60, Imp 16.).

    For wind power you must have the dump load and I would like to use a normal CC but I have found that at Missouri Wind and solar has a good all in one CC for like 279.00 that does 10000 watts and 440 amps made for wind and solar but I will use it for my wind and growth on my solar if required.  link to it

    I hope this information helps you in your decision making.  Or at least gives you some good reading.

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