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    I am curious if anyone has been able to make solar power /wind turbine technology profitable, on a relatively small scale. I have been considering investing in photovoltaic arrays and hopefully be able to sell it back to the grid instead of worrying about batteries quite so much. Is this a feasible idea? What would be the best way to get started? I have considered buying land for this purpose, and that is still a possibility, but would really like to experiment on a smaller scale before making that jump.

    Anyone with any tips, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Experiments on a small scale are very much what I am interested in. Profitability will depend on several factors. Where in the world you are, i.e. how much sunshine or wind do you get. How much will the energy companies pay you for what they buy. How big the system is, and probably most importantly how energy efficient you are, because you can only sell what you don’t use.

    Please give more details of what you are experiments you are thinking about.


    I just want to get started !! My wife & I are looking for new & innovative ways to enhance our green lifestyle. Wind turbines & solar panels on our small, 1 bedroom house in the “sunshine state” might be a good way to commence. We’ll probably start with a water heater that’s powered by “Brother Sun” !! Any advice out there ?


    I am born and raised in a high mountain district Mustang adoining to Tibet in China, but educatd in the USA — a Ph.D. degree holder. My district is the best tourist trekking region in the country, and it has an immense wind power — being wasted for centuries. Now, as a development worker/expert, I want to tap and harness the tremedious wind power we do have in my district. But, we neither have resources nor technology for this. So the purpose of my writing this comment is that–are there any investors/developers/reseachers interested to harness this tremedious potentials of wind power in my districts –if anyone interested in it, please contact me –we have an organisation called Centre for Mountain Research and Development (CEMORD) which is keen to work in partnership and contribute to economic growth and environment of Nepal. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Pls write to my emails: or


    There is a growing movement in the USA to foster hybrid homesites, which allow you to generate your own solar and wind energy, sell the excess to the grid and rely on the grid as a back up power supply. One example is Freedom Farms in Texas. See our classified ad at this site.

    Does anyone know of other similar communities where one can purchase a hybrid homesite?


    Wind Power and Wind turbines have been a practical solution to man over millenniums in his power Wind Turbines

    requirements for sailing, agriculture and milling. With the present power crises and the Global warming it has surfaced again as Wind Turbine power Generators incorporating advanced technology in it’s designs.

    along with other environmental issues seriously threatening the very foundations of human civilization,it has surfaced again as Wind Turbine power Generators incorporating advanced technology in it’s designs.

    With the escalation of fuel prices the alternative energy support block has been actively promoting the cause of wind power along with other sustainable energy sources. On the other hand for many sites remotely located from the main power grid and fuel resources wind turbines are invaluable.


    Unless the infeed pay rate improves there is not much chance for a small power generator source being profitable. Typically the utility company pays a fraction of the amount they charge you. The rationale being they have to carry the cost of capital outlay to build the system then carry the cost of ongoing maintenance. In order to be profitable you need to export considerably more power than you need for your own use. I know of one such installation. The property had ideal conditions including a 400 foot drop of water. The present 1.5 mega watt turbines are being supplemented with yet more capacity. The down side is the fact the owner now has to upgrade his own power transmission line to meet the higher current flow and he must build it to the standards of the utility company. He is making it pay because of the total volume involved but at only a few cents per kilowatt it could be a long time for a return on investment. Wind hydro and solar power is definitely a practical solution for some locations but unless you have the financial resources already in your own pocket you would need to go looking for investors along hundreds of other people and companies. I made inquiries locally and learned ther was a $10,000 fee involved to get a licence to become a non utility generator source.

    Unless you live in an area where law compels the utility company to buy back surplus power you generate it is not likely to be a viable financial effort. Even then you are looking at low return on investment because power buyback is pennies per kilowatt and your capital outlay is many dollars per kilowatt of generator capacity.


    This all depends on the local utilities and authorities, for example in Washington they guarantee 15 cents a kilowatt for buying all zero carbon alternative energy produced by small individuals power systems. In California, Colorado, and Oregon they have similar programs. Some states do nothing others do alot. You have to check.



    I wouldn’t know about small energy production being profitable. And all I can say is that in all my investigation and research so far, it looks like the grid power companies are selling power at somewhat compeditive pricing based on the posible cost of offgrid solutions for the day and time and not to mention figuring in trouble and such to implement and maintain and secure it. I’d say grid power is always slighty more expensive than the cost of offgrid power alone, just a good guess. I’d also like to say that grid power probably could be far cheaper than any offgrid solutions, but we know that will never happen.

    I’d look more at how off-grid and green solutions could save enough money to make some other line of business profitable. Theres a better hope and plan.

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