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    PB’s family are here for a 4 day visit from out of town… his daughter, SIL and 2 young grandkids, it’s been quite fun having them here, it’s their second time to visit. They get the bedroom, we take the living room, it’s just like when we first moved in to the sky castle and we lived in one room.

    Tonight I took the boys scorpion hunting with a blacklight, if you have read my articles here, you will know I declared war on them a couple of years back. We found a smallish one and a big one, both are now quite dead. I spotted the scorpion then let each of the kids hold the blacklight on the scorpion, then I stomped them into little glowing pieces.

    Scorpions are related to spiders, another creature I have a love/hate relationship with, I don’t mind them outside, but inside is a different story. So tonight after everyone went to bed, I am sitting on the couch catching up on some internet time when, the only light is coming from my laptop, when I noticed something crawl past my leg on the couch, I know better than to reach down with my hand so I rolled away as I turned on the flashlight, it was one of those huge wolf spiders, about the size of a half dollar… without as much as a squeak, I grabbed an empty glass and captured it, I usually release them outside, but tonight I was feeling quite buggy and decided to dispatch the spider in the sink…

    The bug season has officially started now, it’s time to go around the doors & windows and fix any places where they can get in. I love living where I do, but there are drawbacks, the insects and arachnids that refuse to stay outside are 2 of them…




    Scorpions and Wolf Spiders you say?!?!? Jeepers, when I read “Bug Season”, I was thinking skitters and no-see-ums! LOL

    You named two of the reasons, along with rattlers bringing it up to three, why I’d never-ever-ever live “Down South” or “Out West!” I had an aunt that lived in Arizona, way out back in the desert, and every time we visited her, we had to 1) check your bed, 2) check your shoes, 3) shake your clothes, and 4) don’t EVER go outside without a stick, heavy jeans and heavy boots! Pffffttttt….

    Sorry, too much trouble then and certainly too much trouble now, at my age. But dear Auntie loved living in the desert and bless her heart, she didn’t mind shakin’ things up, to see if nasty poisonous things were hiding in there.

    I’ll take a heapin’ helpin’ of skitters and ticks, thank you very much! (LOL) ;) But, I do think Glow-In-The-Dark scorpions are cool to look at! Enjoy your family visit, Wretha!



    get some borax, mix it with water and spray all wall and floor jonts
    it helps with ants too



    Good idea beast, I have lots of borax, used to make my laundry soap with it and had to stop because it kills plants, nearly forgot it also kills bugs… just have to watch out for my 2 dogs… I also have DE (diatomaceous earth), guess it’s time to pull out my arsenal to fight the bugs, the most important thing though is to tighten up the sky castle to stop them from entering in the first place.

    Ahhhh Cahow, it’s just part of life out here in the high desert of far western Texas, as I was reading about what your aunt did, checking/shaking shoes, checking clothes, checking beds, well that’s exactly what I do, nearly year round, don’t have to worry so much in the dead of winter, though I still shake my boots out before putting them on no matter what. :)




    i shake out my boots up here in the morth
    but for mice instead of bugs…lol



    a few natural bug reppelants:
    basil drives off flies, keep it in your kitchen and near your windows
    catnip growing under your windows and in window boxes wiil keep skeeters away
    rub it on yourself every 2 hours to keep them off you
    lemon, lime and orange juices repell spiders, hang rinds in an old stocking
    in spider infested places, they should leave
    vinegar drives away ants, just soak the area you want ant free with vinegar once a month
    old wasp nests hung in safe places will deter new nests from being made, wasps are territorial
    salt in your carpet will drive away most fleas, will harmlessly help your pets too
    cinnamon oil sprinkled about will clear up mite infestations

    you can make a simple yet effectyive fly trap with a glass jar
    fill it with cider vinegar, add a few drops of dish soap and let it set for the flies to find
    skim out the d4ead ones every day or just dump and refill



    Sounds good beast, I really like using natural things instead of harmful chemicals…


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