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    trooper dan

    I have been living off grid for some time on a small scale. I am currently using a shurflow 12 volt water pump, the specs say it will only lift water to a maximum of 12 feet. There is a pond very close but it is located maybe 20 feet lower than my cabin. How do I go about fixing this problem?

    Do I get another on demand pump and have them inline so it will theoretically lift up to 24′? Would that work? I have looked at other 12 volt pumps and they have similar lift specs and automatically prime up to 8′.

    What are my options?



    I’ve used a bilge pump before the Shurflo to increase the lift distance.

    One of these can almost triple the lift. I used this combination to move water from an outside cistern to my inside storage.



    The Attwood is a submersible non self-priming bilge pump. It has to be submerged in the pond in order to work. The Surflow is a self priming pump meaning it has positive displacement rubber vanes How far is the horizontal distance from pond to cistern. Unless the distance is very short neither pump will work very effectively due to line losses in the 12V wiring. The alternative is to carry the 12V battery down to the pond each time you wish to use it. Generally speaking pumps can push much further than they can pull.At one camp we installed a submerged pump that pushes water up to the cabin for a lift of 30 some feet but that same pump could not suck up lake water as far as 10 feet. The horizontal run from pump to cabin is 700 feet. We replaced the old 1″ polypipe with new 1 1/2″ PVC piping to produce much greater flow and volume.



    ah thats good info.. thanks..wondered about reverse vacuum pumps too ? 12 volt..which just reminds me of the car powered thus..1200 psi..eventually that idea popped up in someones head with means to develop it..air ratchet drive.. silent..250 psi ? been a long time ..:0) but.. I’ll check the suggestions out for my water system when I get to the place. Will

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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