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Littlebang, I realize you are young and your age/maturity is speaking here, it’s hard to be schooled by other people, but if you could just look past the anger for a minute, I think you have gotten some pretty sage advice here, yes anyone can write about anything, but you will be taken more seriously if you have some experience in what you are writing about…. would you fly with pilot who only had theory but no real flight time? Would you go to a doctor for surgery if that doctor had only read about that surgery? Even if you know everything there is to know about living off grid, if you haven’t actually done it, then you really don’t know all the ins and outs of living the life.

You said you were going to get your information from the internet, I have to say that anyone can post anything to the internet, doesn’t make it correct, so if you are just regurgitating what someone else said, you have no way of knowing if they are giving accurate and good information. I have seen some very inaccurate info given on the internet, something that might work for one person in their situation and location might not work for someone else in a different place.

Why not DO what you are wanting to do, live off grid, write about your experiences starting from scratch and starting from the beginning, keep a journal about your experiences over the next 3-5 years living off grid, write the good and the bad, the successes and failures, now that would be book worthy and people will take you seriously.