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i find while you are “in the box” is what i like to call it, I find myself using the internet to do alot of research on how to go about using different free energy ideas i find on utube. hands on is yes by far better then theory yet when acually watching video’s give’s some insight to how to go about doing practical when the time comes. By watching video’s one gets to see the trial and errors others have when experimenting in different climates and terrain. another good idea is to download viewed projects to dvd’s or  hard drives for that time you do get of the grid and need to view once again what project you seek to try.

There may be others that may disagree with me but the biggest things i look at when looking for a location to set up in is it’s security and water supply. and can i filter water if need be not only by using man made products but how could i use mother earth if my man made products fail. next i look for food supply, at the same time look to know the hazards around me, both man and mother nature. then from there i study the plant and animal life that i could become benifical for both food and medicine for future endeavors to become totally self reliant.

hopefully that give’s some insite to become a off grider lol….