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Eric T Daniels

Yes I agree going into the wild is a very dangerous thing to do even for those who are extremely well equipped and knowledgeable. I like to get ideas from you tube on projects I would like to try. The whole bug out mania to me is just as dangerous. I grew up in north eastern Pa. It once was a great place to live. The average folk in the area were poor. Together the people for the most part got by with the help of neighbors and family. Much of the small family farms are gone and the area is filled with weekend homes of people from many city areas in Pa and Ny. Other then the Public forest lands there isn’t any place to bug out to that you wouldn’t be met with groups of people who would force you out and run you off. Other then the extremely harsh areas there is no refuge.

I ask myself everyday, Where do I start. I have plenty ambition and an overall dream. I have a wife and children to provide for as well. If America was still connected with it’s community and the land as it once was the situation we face wouldn’t be that grim for the average person. It is a shame that we have so much more technology and equipment today but can’t seem to fix the simplest hardships.

My wife and I settled into Jersey Shore Pa four years ago in a small community of Riverdale Mobile Home park. We struggled to fix up our home. We also helped many of our neighbors when we could and they helped us. I then set out to find out what could be done to make our community more self sustainable. It became our dream to also help out communities around the country.

Last year our community was taken for a pumping station for the gas industry. Those who would like to gain a better understanding of what happened can look up My post here and topic about riverdale isn’t to gain money, rather its for people to understand the direction our country and the world is headed. If people don’t start reaching out to help those in their community and become self sustainable we are all at risk. Our energy consumption has got out of control.

Many of the people we got to know from the Riverdale resistance continue to hold protest and lobby hard every day to stop the industrialization of rural communities around the world. We support and respect those who do both resist and prep however it still won’t be enough.

Our dream still is to travel and organize everyday people to get together in communities to help each other. The average person today doesn’t understand the energy they use and the loss it has. I get people everyday ask me questions about putting solar panels on their home to become self sustainable. They talk about the cost vs the gain. The average person thinks it’s a choice between one or the other.

I like how Michael Reynolds explains it. His community is self sustainable, however if the rest of the world goes over the cliff, they will take him as well. I have only one way to get a project started. A win win. To be able to live for little to nothing and contribute to the community. Once that community has a handle on the project our family heads to the next community. If I have to continue to return my job earning back into living expense I will never be able to break this cycle.