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Bill Richard

Personally, I have a few problems with this scenario.  Benevolent dictator is right near the top.  I’ve found that the type of people who consider off grid living are not real receptive to others telling them what they can or can’t do.

Having been involved in a few groups like this, I’ve never seen one that worked.  Not one. Some last longer than others, that’s all.  But they all fall apart.  It’s just human nature.

What I’ve seen works best is a loose association of basically similar minded individuals over a fairly large area. That way, they can be more independent, live and do what they want and still be in a loose association that basically thinks about the same. The idea of a community or commune, invites dissention and rebellion.

What I’ve found much better luck with is to help individuals  or several individuals or a group get a place.  That way, the rules, if any, are theirs to work out. All I do is help get the land/houses.  The details are theirs. I’m not interested in telling anyone what they can or can’t do.