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what i do to reduce dollars is the following.

First i bring in roomates that reduces my dollar consumption by 1/2 ][  900 dollars down too 500.

Next i am starting a small aquaponics system this will reduce my food/  dollar consumption i estimate by 70 to 80. from 135 too 60  in a few years.

Next i look for ppl around the area that need rides. That reduces my dollar consumtpion from 130 to 50. Then ,,i ask my roomates,,, to collect shower water,, to use it for flushing. i use old towels for toilet paper. that saves 10 or 15.  change my own oil that saves 20 or 30. But really those are just small things. / T.o Make a real dent or bite, I need land. And an electric cart. And about 4 to 5 solar pannels. thats the only way i can stay at 200 to 300 monthly operations. If it were up to me??? id use no dollars a month.!

thats the truth.

im thinking of applying for food stamps. Till my aquaponics system is up and running then get off of it.