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ohh if money where no object I would have a house in jersey.

Land in montana land in tennesee And land in naples. So as to sort of always be in different places. But since money is an object im sort of stuck in cities where a person can work more easily. However in the city housing, transportation and food, is ruining me. it is draining me at a clip of somewhere between 800 to 1,200 a month even with roomates. Cause you know? the cheaper the place is, the more dangerous,

So i have to live in a certain place or certain places.

Out of safety this is more like a third world country now. Normally i would rent an effeciency, But these days i need a place Or places, maintained by associations in the event neighbors “act up”. So that forces me,,, intot he 700 to 900 range. Got no choice,,,,,,i need a third party,,,,,,or else it’s me against a neighbor,,,,,so im forced into the 800 plus range. I put a roomate in there anyway.

but then gas food and energy plus small operatonal credit cards forces another 600 dollars. So imagine.


currently im taking advantage of the obama care and got into Electronic billing and coding. And will be doing that if i get job. Which even that is not looking great cause “that” market is already flooding. But anyway i will be able to basically run a billing cycle from an office or home.

but imagine living here im looking at  800 to 1200 a month x 50 months.


its like 40 to 50 k out the window in 5 years.