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Home Forums General Discussion Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :( Reply To: Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :(


First of all, I doubt there is any place within an hour of LA that is actually “isolated”.  Look at a map, there isn’t anything there that is sparsely populated within an hour of LA.  Secondly, IF you do end up some place “miles from another human being” you are going to be SAFE!  I have lived my whole life in remote, rural areas.  No crime!  We don’t lock our doors and we leave the keys in the truck.  I have raised my kids out here and never worried for a single moment that they would be harmed.  Criminals do not come out here because they know everyone is armed.  People watch out for each other.   As for California, like I said, you aren’t going to find anything isolated within an hour of LA and your gun laws are so restrictive that criminals are the only ones armed now.