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For me, the answer is yes, I do buy in bulk when I can… just hit Sam’s Club and bought paper goods, toilet paper, face tissue (nose wipe) and paper towels. I also buy my sugar in bulk from there.

I store the excess paper goods in the metal tower on the roof. I repackage the sugar into empty creamer containers, I buy the large creamers from Sam’s, I seldom toss anything that might be useful, including empty containers.

I buy dry tortilla mix in bulk, I store it in a large plastic jug with a snap on lid.

I buy macaroni noodles and spaghetti noodles in bulk, store them the same way as the dry tortilla mix.

I’m looking at a case of Ramen noodles, they come in their own box that doesn’t take up that much room so I store them as they come.

I also buy some of my herbs (medicinal and culinary) in bulk, I have a capsule filler to fill my own pills and I save the bottles the herbs come in to refill.

Can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure something else will come to mind, I’ll post it here if it does.