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Thank you, Wretha. It was great to really listen to Nick and his thoughts and visions..

I spoke to him once on the phone. It was in response to his venture of interviewing folks in the U.S.A. that were currently off grid. I offered him an interview and I remember one of his questions was.. “What business do you own?”. I answered.. “I don’t own a business but I’m totally off grid”. I guess that was the deal breaker, being I’ve never heard from him since..

He made a comment.. “I need to be involved with a community. I couldn’t do it (Going totally off grid) on my own”. What kind of mindset does that imply? I admire his knowledge and clout but how can one promote something when they don’t do it themselves?

He stresses “Community” and “Grid Tie”. Personally, I believe both of these thoughts are crazy! With the community thought, one must still rely on a neighbor for something that they can’t do. If one chooses to go off grid, one should be prepared to be independent. Grid tie..? Why? Now one has the power company watching them and one must play within their parameters. My statement to that is.. “Be selfish.. Supply yourself!”..

I could agree on a community with totally independent households being dependent on themselves and bartering products among each other but I couldn’t imagine asking a neighbor to come over and install my panels for me..

It was my choice to be off grid and to be independent on my own. I designed/built my own shack. I designed/installed my power system. I designed/built my rain water collection system. I designed/built my bathroom waste system.. (The “I” list goes on and on..)

Point being.. I was a complete city boy and had no clue of what I was getting into. I had no one to work with because everyone around me thought that I was nuts! (Some took bets on me, saying that I wouldn’t last a year out here. That was in 1989.) I didn’t have the internet for years. I had a lot of learning to do and I did it..

I believe that Nick doesn’t understand the Independent American mindset. All of the folks that I’m involved with has no interest in a community and chooses to be an island of their own. A “Co-Op” of like minded folks would be a better idea. Then folks could do their own thing but still have buying power and a resource of information/help if one should require it, designed after the current farmers Co-Op system..

I work a full time job and I don’t have the time to properly take care of a big garden or livestock. I do grow a few vegetable plants and look after a small flock of chickens and a couple of rabbits, but I do have my housing under control. After I retire, then I’ll work on the other things..