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Leaving Society wrote: “I currently don’t have any survival skills or knowledge of living off the grid. I do find it sad that a small handful of semi-affluent retired people couldn’t just come together, build a community, and invite whomever to join them. It really is too bad.”

Seriously? WHY in the world would semi-affluent retired people who have worked within the GRID their entire lives and are now in their 50-70’s want to invite ANYONE to “join them” on an island they chose to retire to? And do you honestly believe that these affluent retired folks would live in an Earthship or Yurt????? Sounds more like you want a Daddy Warbucks or Sugar Daddy to take care of you while you frolick in the sand, drinking Pina Colada’s from a coconut. :(

I’m sorry; the other posters have spent a good amount of their time responding to you and that was exceedingly kind and generous of them. But it sounds more like you really need to get the DVD boxed set of LOST, make some popcorn, and kick back and enjoy your dream via Hollywood.