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We buy very few items in bulk, simply because it’s the two of us and WHERE in the heck does one store the extra “stuff” if you live in a wee space? In our kitchen cabinets, we buy paper towels (25 count) in bulk and in the bathroom linen closet we buy (25 count) toilet paper but that’s it. Now, mind you, if I had a brood of youngin’s or a large extended family, then buying in bulk makes amazing sense. But, when one single bottle of Soft Scrub lasts you 6 months, do you really want to be dusting a 6 pack of Soft Scrub that will last you until 2015? Won’t most of these items go nasty? And the “you”, Wretha, is not aimed at >you<; it’s the general inclusive “you”. I have some friends who are almost bordering on “horder” status because of Cosco and Sam’s Club. They are either single or just the two of them, yet in their basement/garage/cabinets are 25 count boxes of Ramen Noodles/Coffee Creamer/Peanut Butter, etc. Unless you LIVE on those three items (which none of these wealthy friends do) you’re eating year old Ramen Noodles and Peanut Butter, by time you get down to the bottom. Seriously, would a person BUY year old stuff?

What I do buy often is the largest size of something available because of the cost savings and also it takes up the same “foot print” of a smaller ounce unit. If weight is an issue, I have many small plastic bottles with squeeze tops that I simply transfer a smaller portion of the substance into, for ease of handling.

Nice topic, Wretha. Hope more join in.