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Eric T Daniels

My Biggest Part of our plans is to simply educate people on energy. Most people don’t grasp it. A huge amount of people believe that the best source of electric is what comes from the power lines that as produced by a large power plant. I worked in that industry as a repairman for awhile. Yes many people have watched documentaries on the sad state our power grid and other infrastructure is in. Those who want to GO GREEN are the worst group of people to be misinformed about energy. This group of people though well intention ed are fighting for so called green energy. They believe in a false set of rules that the very producers of energy have created. This group still believes that green energy can be produced and transferred on the grid at an affordable cost. They also believe that the cost to an individual to produce their own energy can’t outweigh the benefit. I truly care and value those who are fighting every day to protect the environment. This however is the truth they haven’t heard from their well adjusted, high income organizers.

Here in Pa we produce 1/3 of the power for America. This power has been produced in a large part from coal, nuclear and now natural gas. The goal as said by our president was to make it unprofitable and impossible for coal power plants to continue to operate and end any possibility to build new ones. I know this is not anything Off Grid people care about given they are geared up to eliminate this source from their lives. However it is a planned approach from the big energy companies to keep the cost of self produced energy products or the use of them out of the reach of every day people.

So to educate those misguided well meaning folks does two very important things in the quest for those who desire an Off Grid lifestyle. One the more people who get with the program the cheaper the products, most of which are already produced here in Pa and other parts of the country. And secondly it creates careers and small business. I hope a huge amount of Off Gridders can get this.  I hear it many times every day when talking to people who believe going green isn’t an option for them.

How to reach these people and why. The fact is as stated before the faster this trend goes the less of a fall that happens. Don’t get me wrong going off grid isn’t going to solve the worlds problems. I however know it is the number one greatest factor that will change the world on multiple layers. While each of us strives to prepare and achieve our sustainability getting into the mind set to explain why others should doesn’t take a lot of our time. It is important to bring these people  toward the favorable conclusion in bite sizes they can grasp. I am still learning myself how to do this while learning ways to explain energy to them in a way they can grasp.

When opportunities arise to have a conversation about solar, wind, green energy and even off grid I have learned to avoid the traps  the big energy companies have set first. I simply explain the loss of energy that they are paying for but will never see. I explain to everyone that wind mills are no greener then coal fired plants if not carried out properly. I explain that energy is spent to gain the raw materials needed to build the new plant. Energy is used to build the service roads, and the power lines. The whole process for Pa to change from dirty coal to wind, natural gas or solar in the end uses up so much energy that the pollution of that energy will take 100’s of years to gain any benefit.

Next I explain energy loss. Everyone on the power grid pays a bill for energy that was produced but will never be used because of loss. 35% loss in production 35% loss in transferring. It is further loss in our homes by the very products we cherish in our  high tech gadgets. So people who are ill informed seek out what cost they will incur to produce energy for their home which was designed to waist energy. The power companies didn’t get where they are by making energy less needed.  So I explain to people before pricing what it would cost to have enough solar panels to run their home they first need to price what it would cost to transfer their life to DC.

Most people never think about the products currently in their home and on the market that use DC. My TV, laptop, daughters Desk top our printer the Xbox many light fixture and the list goes on are in fact DC products that have a built in loss when AC has to be turned back into DC. I explain to people that the same wire in their home that carries AC will carry DC. SO before these people spend $20,000 on solar panels and $5,000 on a wind mill they need to have an electrician fix their current wiring. Then Have these DC powered products power without the AC to DC transformer. It isn’t easy for the average person to due but much less of a cost then 25 to 30k in green energy.

Then As you stated fixing the heating system, water systems and fictions of their home that were not meant for self produced DC power. When they Are done then a proper energy plan can be designed for their home. And even if they aren’t completely off the grid the average American home would only need 30% of it’s current electricity. That is 70% gain. If people understand that by doing this they will fend off the proposed 600% energy cost we are faced with. If they don’t I ask them their current monthly bill and ask them if they can afford that % of increase in the next 3 to 5 years?

In the end My desire to go Off grid no longer seems crazy to them and also gets them thinking in the right direction. What I don’t tell them is my goal is to bankrupt the big energy one home, one community, one day, every day I can. That means the cost of energy for those who resist change will go even higher then the proposed 600%. Our dream is to gain speed on our plan and bring down the cost of products and get them directly in the hands of the customers. We are wanting to gain the interest of small investors and business minded individuals to sit down and develop a micro manufacturing process for these products. Make it local, build it local, sale it local, and maintain it local.

I have a great amount of ideas, plans and ability get this over the top. What I need is the people and more funding. Until such a time I need to be out in the trenches with the front line Off Grid people. I need a place to set up a camper that can accommodate a family for a smaller cost then renting homes. I need to be off grid myself.