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How many of you who are “retired” are living off of your retirement or Social Security? I look at what I will get when I am officially at retirement age, I could live quite nicely on that amount of money coming in, though it is a pittance compared to what most live on. For now I’m living quite nicely well below poverty level, as I said above, we have structured our life to be able to live on very little, mainly by having practically no bills and by having everything we do have paid for, it didn’t come quick or easy, but with a little forethought, some planning, and perhaps even some fortunate circumstances, we are living our dream, albeit a cheap/inexpensive one :)

I have many years to go before I can even consider getting social security, and that’s assuming there will be such a thing, which annoys the piss out of me, we PAID into that fund, our employers PAID into that fund, and the government stole it, giving us worthless IOU’s and empty promises.

OK, enough whining about that, what are your thoughts about it? If you are already collecting Social Security or hope to someday, are you making it (or will make it) on what you earn there?