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Most of us have been tricked into thinking that we are under (corporate) government jurisdictions and that we must obey their corporation rules even if we aren’t part of their body corporate.  Municipalities have no authority to regulate private property that they don’t own, BUT they THINK and act as though they do. The Ontario Landowners As. (I’m a member) and others have done legal research to prove that this is the case. But going beyond that even if the Municipal Act DID (which it doesn’t) allow municipalities to regulate private property (including zoning and Agenda 21 stuff) they CANNOT regulate (including your land) a living flesh and blood man or woman (i.e. natural person) unless you work for them or contract with them!!! All governments are corporations and all their acts, statutes, by-laws, etc. do NOT apply to a living free man/woman  (which has inalienable rights) but they DO apply to “persons” and you might think , so -what – that’s the same thing but it’s not!!! The interpretation act for Canada defines person as a corporation – ONLY. a.k.a. the Strawman or Corporate Government Fiction. None of us are our strawman BUT when we answer for it we become it for the purposes of being under the jurisdiction of the government and then they can enforce what would otherwise be unconstitutional “laws” upon us. For more info check out the videos (for free on youtube) by Dean Clifford, Robert Menard, Marc Stevens for starters. This applies in Canada and USA + …