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Home Forums General Discussion Is Agenda 21 an threat to off grid living? Reply To: Is Agenda 21 an threat to off grid living?


Dustoffer, I don’t think Agenda 21 is a conspiracy, it exists, and while it may have good intentions, like most government run projects, it can get heavy handed in its implementation, it’s all a slippery slope. You may have a good situation where you live, but all it takes is a few people to come together and decide YOUR way of living isn’t conducive with their way of living and you will quickly find yourself in a battle just to maintain what you have LEGALLY done all along.

There are cases where people have been living in a legal manner (legal where they are) and later for whatever reason (neighbor disputes, new people moving in and want to change things…) decide that those people need to either change how they have been living or force them to leave.

I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with what someone posts here, but I would like to see civility maintained, please? We are all here to learn and share what we know, there is nothing wrong with anyone asking questions.