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Looks to me like looking2live is looking2die lol.

This is either an internet troll looking to ruffle some feathers or some young kid who has visions of being Rambo lol.  You will either kill yourself and your girl, or end up in federal prison lol.  It’s not that many of us don’t have the balls, it’s that we have more common sense than you.

For the record I lived in a tent in the woods completely by myself for 2 years (My tent dry rotted through within 3 months.), and I eventually build a wood shelter, I’ve done what you are claiming you are about to do, and did it for 2 years, and it’s stupid.  So enjoy your ignorance, I hope for your girlfriend or wife or whatever she is (imaginary most likely) sake that she has the common sense to dump you, hit the road running away and go find someone less volatile, rude and ignorant to be with.  So later, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya on the way out.

You’ll be back on grid within a month, you are obviously to stupid to actually make it work.  That is if you actually survive very long.  See, I’ve done what you want to do, and I made it work, but no way in hell would I drag someone else down with me and risk their health and livelyhood in the process.  I was once a stubborn little punk who knew everything better than anyone else, and that got me tapeworm, undernourished, and while people respect that I did what I did from a resourcefulness aspect, everyone else, myself included sees just how ingorant it was.  I made it 2 years, you’ll be lucky to last a week.