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Just a few thoughts from a newbie off the grider. I to thought that “Self Sufficiency” was the goal. But I came to realize that that was just a word game fantasy. No one here want’s to be self sufficient completely. The very fact that you are connected via an internet connection means you want the goods and services others in the consumer world have to offer. What I came to realize was that what I really wanted was to reduce my “dependance” on the consumer world. So what self sufficiency means to me is the ability to (if necessary) provide all the basic needs like food, water, shelter and a certain level of creature comfort. To that end I bought 3 acres with a stream running through it. I built a 504sq/ft. cabin with 1,440 watts of solar panels and a roof designed for rain water harvesting. This is plenty of land for a small orchard, berry patches, a garden for vegetables and more than enough room for chickens and a rabbit hutch if desired. As for cattle and horses, well, I would rather barter for beef with eggs or fruit than raise a herd myself. But if I did want to raise more meat I would just get a few goats. My point is really think about what your goals are. Are you looking to become a hard working farmer and/or rancher? Or are you looking for what you need to survive hard times and be happy? I now have a home on my own land both of which I own outright. I have electricity for life, plenty of water and come this spring I’ll plant ten or twelve fruit trees, some berry patches and a garden. And I did it for about $35,000 cash. If I had waited till I could afford 50 acres I would still be wishing I was off grid.

All I’m saying here is decide what your real goals are and what is needed to achieve them. I’m not trying to talk anyone out of anything, just recalling how I decided that my 20 acre goal was far more land than I really needed to live a simple more self reliant life.


Just my $0.06 (That’s $0.02 adjusted for inflation)  :^)