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I agree that $0K for 11.57 acres is high, thats why I am going to offer a low amount and see what happens.  Like I said, all they can do is say no or not even respond.  If they say yes then bonus for me, if they say no then I keep looking.

Thanks for mentioning microhydro power generation.  As soon as I read that I went to research it.  What a great, free, power source.  Definetly something I am putting on the list of things to learn/do.

I also just got a good contact number for the Scottsville land and will be contacting the realtor.  Going to hit him with a list of questions.  The last realtor I was dealing with was a douche bag.  They had a google map of the land and just outside the property they had listed was a couple small ponds but the land was cleared around them.  I asked three times if those were the city sewage ponds or what, and each answer was “What ponds are you talking about?”  I told them the ones shown on the map and they would say there are no ponds shown on the map.  They avoided it over and over, so I decided I would never talk to them again.