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You have a stream that you can dam? If you dam a stream (it should be a permanent stream) and have it so that water flows off something onto the top end of a water wheel hooked to a alternator or special kind of alternator (the latter is more efficient), hooked up to some batterys ( i have seen rows of car batteries being used for this) you can generate a sufficient amount of electricity for your home,, perhaps even all requirements.. the weight of water does not diminish,, you can set up more than one water wheel, having them in sequence somehow :D… If you are lucky even, you can get paid for your excess power, and have them run a line to your batterys, taking what you dont use.. On top of that, if you have the land, you could create a large food forest, implementing the method called permaculture, and your result will be the ability to have a large yeild on a constant basis  for low maintenance, it becomes a wild forest of food once established, and thrives on its own like it does in say , a rain forest, exept ,, different because it will be considerably magnificent due to the fact that it is all fruit and birds and nuts and veg and sacred herbs to cure things by making tea :D in a free world, you could include plants such as hemp, and money making crops such as cocai-i mean all the ingredients to make honey bush caramel tea and have a team there making that and a village apothicary/chineese medicine unit for ailments and tobacco purchase. ;)