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Apophasis, thank you for your detailed comment. I don’t know if you realize it, but a post like yours could change the off-grid plans of many, many people for the better. As such, hopefully you won’t mind a little discussion about the subject.

Visual reference:

1) You say earthships overheat in summer. Isn’t there a vent system placed below the cool earth mass behind the earthship to let cool air naturally in and prevent overheating in summer? Excluding summer sun from an eartship would render having an internal garden a losing proposition, would it not?

2) You also say earthships are connected to the ground mass around there, which bleeds out heat. Isn’t one of the main building features of earthships to use insulated wrapping all around the building, with just enough of its own thermal mass to avoid precisely that bleed-out? The in-earth insulated construction is not original to earthships, so it is relatively time-proven, or am i wrong?

3) You advocate the division between food production and living space because of smells and insects. Isn’t the use of compost not supposed to happen in indoor gardens? The black/greywater filtration of eartships is supposed to provide the fertilization needed below ground level. I currently have a small indoors garden and there is no smell whatsoever from the ground itself. I thought it would be common sense to use compost only for external gardens, as a garden internal to eartships is more ackin a large wicking bed. As for insects, i was of the idea that most would leave through ceiling light fixtures automatically (which are connected to the outside), as that is more natural for insect life than what happens in regular homes.

I agree, of course, on the points of excessive labor, excessive cost and others you made.