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Home Forums General Discussion Dec 21, 2012 end of the world? Reply To: Dec 21, 2012 end of the world?


End of the World, End of the Mayan calendar.   Well History explains the calendar but the end of the world.  I am NOT a religious person in no shape fashion or form.  BUT i do read the Bible (yes I did it I typed Bible).   It says NO man (person) knows when the end of the world is.  SO I go with that.

We decided to go off the grid to get away from the Governmental Control of our lives.  They control oil prices which control electrical prices.  They  mandate stupid over bearing regulations on every utility a on grid person has to pay and in doing so the GOV keeps our financial situation at there control.

Going off the grid allows the freedom to live life the way we want according to how we setup our lifestyle.  Yes Money limits what we do but we are better at using our money to suit our lifestyle without the GOV intervention.   So our simple life remains ours to live as long as we keep out of the site of the Powers above.

My advice is to live for you and your family in the best manner you can and keep it simple.  Be law abiding but dont let the law ruin your life.