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hi wretha (& everyone)

Depends on how many are in your household who will be eating the eggs and/or chicken

sorry I forgot to mention,It would be around 1 – 2 persons only.

we have neighbors who buy up a dozen or more laying hens, then end up with more eggs than they can deal with

thats exactly what Im trying to avoid. :)

if I were going to get chickens for eggs

how about for meat consumption?

Do you have customers yet? Those who want to buy eggs from you?

none of the above. :) most probably I’ll be selling under the table.

Are you planning on having roosters to propagate your flock or will you buy more chickens as time goes by?

..planning to propagate the flock from the initial 6 chickens.. any tips regarding this?

other facts : I live  on a rainy & dry tropical weather.


6 is the magic number for start up (egg,meat,propagation)

thanks wretha :)