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i see you replied to my post but didn’t read my location north central Wa on my post.  Due to the gun restrictions in Ca and the far fetched laws from what i hear from my sister down by porterville Ca more so springville, i am not that intrested in relocating down in cal (plus i cant handle the heat lol). Wa , not only has very little population, the gun laws are rather laxed.  Montana would be more to my liking due to the rockies but  Wa has a rather quaint atmosphere  in it’s hills further from the ocean that i like. Love to live in Alaska yet because of the wife the lower northern 48 will have to do.As far as Canada goes, it is out of the question due to it’s strict gun laws.

Security for my family is the utmost importance to me. Not only do i have Family in both the Canadian and American armed forces but i also have family on the other end of the spectrum as well that has little to no trust in either “Corporations” as most know as Countries.

My family are neither drinkers or smoke the herb. well me and my wife don’t but yet, i yet to see someone to tell me no they are not affiliated in any way shape of form with someone that doe’s use to some extent.

we are not religious yet spiritual but do not practice spirituality to the extent it runs our live’s.

I was fortunate enough to own my own truck and trailer so i traveled all of north america. and spent about 17 yrs in the oil patch in the Arctic from working on oil and service rigs to moving them. As well born and raised on a farm and use to guide for California big horn , black bear , cougar , white and mule deer, so yes i know my way around in the hills pretty good.

Now the reason i wrote to your post is cause how dedicated are you to your location, are you set to keep living there or are you  open to other idea’s and locations.