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interesting your vision is rather  defined in a lot of ways yet, to bad you have land down in New Mexico .

Right now trying to put up my views as i see or answer posts with this forum seems to take time to get on. so because of such it is descouraging me from coming back to this forum on a regular basis. Not only that, but i am pretty active and looking for problem solving hands on (from driving around looking for locations and talking to people in person) so my time on the internet is limited and if i don’t hear from or see my words on the forum or places i participate in  right away  i do not frequent the forum as much as i would if responses or my words get put down right away.

Now to your idea or solution to community living. Back in the day of my people (i am indigenous to north america by the way, both grandmothers and one grandfather was fullbloods as fullblood would be born in the 18 hundreds. the last grandfather was half irish half native.) had heads of family yes. but to be a head of a family meant  he /she would be the one to take all the risks if so need be. Because women didn’t have ego to dominate they were the big decision maker’s in most part. In todays world i see that is in most part unrealistic but women do have that nurturing instinct more so then men still.

As harsh as it may seem. life is about survival and to accomplish such what ever to save the community as a whole the warriors or fighters have to be able to do what ever it take’s to accomplish such. That is why the counsel say’s to the fighters protect our community and the warriors do what they have to with out consulting  the community. In order for a community to work you need that separation . nurturing needs to be separated from survival. we as humans each have a role in life to play and judgement can be a downfall of a community if you mix nurturing with survival. Even the armies today do that kind of structure, that is why it is called black op’s or false flags. Will a bear protect her young to the death? yes. will a mother take another life to protect her young in todays world? in most part most people can’t without feeling affected in some way shape or form. which eventually breaks down their immune system. yesterdays world and todays world are worlds apart, and emotions runs our live’s today where yesterday survival did.

the fiat system is nothing but a iou system with nothing backing it. the barter is tangible and a fair trade. if anything that is the only way to go.