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Home Forums General Discussion Any tips for a first time "off-gridder"? Reply To: Any tips for a first time "off-gridder"?


Hey there,

As someone who moved off the grid without any preparation whatsoever about a year ago, there are A LOT of things I wish I’d done to better prepare myself.  Mostly research.  Choosing the right location, what to look for in terms of land, water sourcing, viability of solar or wind, heating/cooling sources…so much to figure out.

Also, depending on where you plan to live, you’ll have to figure out an income source.  While we try to be as self-sufficient as possible, my husband works in town about a half hour drive away, and I work from home.  You can certainly live on very little if you plan it well, but it’s a good idea to try to get an income stream generated before you start. WrethaOffGrid has provided some really good resources up above.

Good luck to you!