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Feel like I subverted this thread, sorry for that. Anyway, I sympathize/agree with all you are saying in that post, Dustoffer. Most people won’t do much for themselves these days, I did do all of it, (it’s a pole house on a steep slope above a creek) I cut down the trees, skidded them with a little tractor, ran them through a Woodmizer I got in a trade years ago, framed it, designed/built hardwood interior, did all plumbing and elec too. Am in debt at 51 for the first time in my life, and am willing put up with pretty crude living conditions if necessary in order to avoid debt next time. That’s what I was getting at in my posts above. And it has been a lot more work, a lot more time, than I want to have wrapped up in any one single material thing in my life, again I am looking to be happy with a very small off-grid cabin and no bills. Another thing, in this East Tennessee county, at least when I started in 2002 there were no building codes at all. Septic permit/inspection, same for elec., nothing at all for the structure. I will probably have to go through all the BS in order to be legitimate where I intend to be building next time (out west), don’t want to worry about them coming down on me at a later date. But I would rather risk “camping” indefinitely than pay interest again, I just can’t afford it. Lastly, need to point out we were only about 6 months into this project when we realized this part of the country wasn’t right for us, I have been struggling for years to complete something that might hopefully sell for enough money for us to realize our dream somewhere else, and it is (almost) done now. While I could never see myself as a foreman of anything, I very much want in the near future to work on the kind of projects you mention, something that tries to make a difference.