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Forgive me, but I simply must say more: What would you have a low-income person who wishes to provide for their own needs and has somehow managed to purchase, finance or barter a piece of the Earth for themselves do? Would it be preferable to have them stay in the city in subsidized (or substandard)housing? This subject strikes me keenly, my wife broke off a friendship recently in a situation where the friend had reported an unemployed neighbor to the county government for living in a school bus on private property without “utilities”, ironically enough the friend was not really living above poverty level herself. Nothing worse than a snitch. Yes, old-time country folks are often unaware of how so many of their actions negatively impact the planet, yes, with the increased population today we need to be careful about runoff, effluents, etc., and certainly there would be disease if everyone were to return to using an outhouse, but I don’t believe we are talking about everyone doing so. I do not mean to dismiss the concerns expressed above, but over an hour after first having read through the comments, the superior tone remains offensive.