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Home Forums Technical Discussion Why not recycle li-ion batteries and use them for OTG systems? Re: Why not recycle li-ion batteries and use them for OTG systems?


Hi Dustoffer,

Where do you get the 390Amp hours number?

It’s true that a lot of interconnections between cells are needed, but It’s also true that those cells can be discharged at 1C continuous, something that is not suggested for lead acid batteries.

I am willing to make a prototype, at my cost and based on my specifications, experience and ideas for people that live off the grid and are interested in this technology and that can provide me real feedback data on the behaviour of the prototype.

As I stated before I cannot have solar panels where I live at the moment but from the test I have been running I am pretty optimistic.

Those cells can always be used as a backup or emergency. 24v battery pack of discrete capacity ( 1 kWh for example) can be transported/moved easily compared to one of the same capacity made of lead acid batteries.

I am just sharing ideas..I didn’t expect to encounter so many walls…