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To paraphrase the real estate guys. INSULATION INSULATION INSULATION!

Mass produced appliances are built to a price and to some extent to fit a standard shell dimension. Nobody like to discover the new replacement fridge is one inch bigger all around and will not fit the space the old fridge fit in.

To some extent off-grid people have les conventionl housing and fitting in something non standard is easier. Mybe not as pretty but it works. If you are placing a chest freezer outside on a porch, its is easy to glue 2″ of insulation board all around. Just remember to leave a hole for the compressor and radiator to breathe. If it is outside make sure it has shade and if the exterior paint get rusty or dirty clean itand paint it shiny white to reflect sunlight to the maximum.

If you are running it on an extension cord be sure the wire gauge is big to minimize voltage drop.Use #14 Ga not the common #16 ga. Non sine wave inverters tend to cause compressor motors to pull more current as does voltage drop. Make sure the compressor get plenty of cooling air and as much voltage as possible to reduce internal heating and shortened service life.