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desert deb

While on this subject im also curious why so many people want off grid but seem to require a community of people around them. I get that they want more experienced people around them to help them but why not learn to do for yourself. finding the right group, finding the right area, finding the right experienced people can add decades to your quest to be off grid. I am one of two women that live off grid on 30 acres and for ourselves. Sure its a jungle deciding what takes priority. But we are getting better at it. And you would be amazed at the knowledge in the local hardware mans head. In the last year i have completely remodled a mobile home and now im starting on the outside. Pretty cool for someone who had never touch power tools. There has never been a better time for off grid and frankly its only a matter of time before counties and cities make changes to land rules to illiminate this option. Utility companies dont like it or they figure ways to make your solar useless for grid tied systems. My theory is it should be now or never.