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I think this is a very important paragraph from your site, Larry:

“Only kill to eat what is in season and that is if you have the proper licenses. Some survival eatables do not have seasons and can be killed and eaten any time. Example might be snakes, turtles, lizards and frogs. I’m not sure about which birds might be kosher. Maybe Crow, Sparrow, Black Bird, Blue Jay, Robbin etc. Otherwise it most likely has a season and a license or stamps or whatever. And some are banned anytime anywhere. See the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission web site for further details. Also if you stop by Wal-Mart they have a free booklet in their hunting/fishing section on hunting and fishing regulations. Of course in a real survival situation you would use that regs book for fire starting.”

I think some of the “live off the land” types are poachers and care little about laws and regulations or species and limits. Just like some “off-grid” types care little about codes, permits, engineering or other regulations, requirements, and laws.