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I am in the Inland Northwest (WA, ID, Western Montana) and it has not been my experience to require a permit on all public land. I have camped in undeveloped National Forest w/o needing a permit. The only rule is you have to move every 14 days. However, there are many other regulations in the US that can hinder your off grid living adventure. You have to look at state and county laws as well as federal. For example, in Washington State, it is very difficult to live a natural existence in the woods due to laws against burning wood. During the dry months of summer, you can usually have a bonfire in an approved campground, but not out in the primitive areas — not even on your own rural land. The neighboring state of Idaho is more relaxed. This is just one of many considerations. You may be interested in my book The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living, which discusses a lot of these regulations, based on my personal experience.